Ex World Championship bikes for sale
Written by The Hell Team   
Thursday, 17 April 2014 18:55

The Hell Team have some amazing ex World Championship bikes up for sale. Rider, Minder, Mechanic and Display bikes all for sale with massive discounts.

All the bikes are being washed, cleaned and checked over for any repairs that may be required, and will be listed for sale in the Trials Australia classifieds and The Hell Team web store in the upcoming days.


Savings are up to $2000 off a new bike price. Models that will be available are:

2014 Jotagas JT300

2014 Gas Gas RACING 125, 250, 280 and 300cc

2014 Gas Gas TXT Pro 250 and 280.

Please contact Paul at The Hell Team (02.8424.6400) for more information and to secure a World Championship bike, sorted and ready ride.

Toni Bou presents new Montesa Cota4RT260 to Neil Culey
Written by Montesa Factory   
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 16:39


Neil Culey is the proudest trials rider in Australia. Neil made a 2660km trip to see the world championship event in Maldon, Victoria and while there decided to enquire about a new Montesa cota4RT260 trials bike. He got the surprise of his life when I said that the display model was available and would be presented and signed by multiple world champion Toni Bou to the purchaser. Neil closed the deal on the spot and before he realised it I got world champion Takahisha Fujinami (Fujigas) to sign the bike as well. Neil couldnt believe his luck having two World champions signing his new bike.

Toni & Fujigas both congratulated Neil on his new purchase.

-Tarp Hassinen

Logan River Club Trial - GapCreek 23rd March
Written by Richard Kent   
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 21:26

To- LRMTC members, all Trials persons of interest

Round 1 of the Queensland Moto Trials series , run by WDTC at Esk 16/03/14 will be remembered as a rather hot day, 37 degrees in the sun. The field was divided into upper and lower grade loops of 8 sections. I can report that the upper grade sections as set looked quite good. The dry conditions however, left the soil more like talcum powder, quite difficult to find any take off grip. I realized half way round first lap that it was going to be an energy sapping day, trying to pace myself out so I stayed safe and in control of my bike. I must note here It was great to have a field of 6 x A/Expert riders and 10 x B grade, a good indicator for our sport with most of the B grade riders under age 19.

World Round highlights video
Written by Matt Langtree   
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 10:42

In 2012 when the World Trials Championship touched down in Australia for the first time TA subscriber Eammon Jones shared his amazing highlights video from the weekend with us. That video has now amassed over 120K views.

This year we got in touch with Eammon and he said would be at Mt Tarrengower again and he has come up with the goods! Take a look at the 2014 Trial World Championships Highlights Video.

2014 Trial World Championship - Round 2 results
Written by Matt Langtree   
Sunday, 13 April 2014 18:16

IMG 8840

Toni Bou returned to form on Sunday to win Round 2 of the Trial World Championship losing only 7 points for the day and stealing the win from countryman Adam Raga (13 points). Rounding out the podium was Jeroni Fajardo (39 points - 32 cleans) who edged out Albert Cabestany (39 points - 31 cleans) on a countback.

Full results attached.

2014 Trial World Championship - Round 1 results
Written by Matt Langtree   
Saturday, 12 April 2014 18:02

IMG 7560

Takahisa Fujinami has won Round 1 of Trial World Championship in Maldon.

World Pro

  • 1st - Takahisa Fujinami (8 points)
  • 2nd - Toni Bou (9 points)
  • 3rd - Jeroni Fajardo (11 points)

World Cup

  • 1st - Franz Kadlec (8 points)
  • 2nd - Matteo Poli (12 points)
  • 3rd - Jaime Busto (13 points)


  • 1st - GaĆ«l Chatagno (21 points)
  • 2nd - Teo Colairo (28 points)
  • 3rd - Noe Pretalli (89 points)

Results photo attached. Official results attached.

Trial World Championship - Follow all the action on Facebook
Written by Matt Langtree   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 23:15

If you want to see the most recent news and photos from the Mt Tarrengower event, head on over to the Trials Australia Facebook page.

We'll be keeping that updated with various paddock info and pics as it happens.


TWC 2014 - Observer Roster (Updated 9th April)
Written by Matt Langtree   
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 09:43

For everyone who has volunteered to observe at the Mt Tarrengower event, please check the attached roster.

All queries about the roster should be directed to Col Smith This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

UPDATE: 9th April - version 2 of roster now attached. Observers will need to check the displayed Observers Roster outside Admin in case of any further changes after this.

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