TY175 Fork Repairs

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TY175 Fork Repairs

Postby Jimbo » Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:09 am

GDay All - My recently acquired TY175 has badly rusted & pitted fork tubes. Im after some advice on repair options:
Get the existing tubes re-chromed: Any suggestions on who might do it, and how much Id expect to pay?
Fit TY250 forks (or mono forks + tripple-clamp) to better suit my 88Kg body weight. So far, Ive had no luck in finding TY forks any better than mine. Suggestions? Expected cost?
Ok - last, left-field option.. Cannibalize the legs from a different make/model. Ive found that Yamaha AG-100 forks are the same length and 30mm diameter. Maybe I could use the AG-100 tubes to re-build my forks? (I havent bought them, so I cant pull them down to see if the tubes are a close enough match) Probably off-target on that idea..
Ay other suggestions?

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Re: TY175 Fork Repairs

Postby David Lahey » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:12 pm

Some 1980s 80cc MX bikes also had 30mm tubes which can be either shortened or just let them poke way up through to top clamps.
Rechrome is about $150 per tube. RAD hardchroming at Sherwood Brisbane do a good job.
TY250 twinshock front end fits TY175 perfectly.
88kg with standard TY175 forks is not too bad a combination.
TY mono triple clamps are not an easy fit due to the steering stops. Nothing that welding cant fix though. I seem to remember that you end up with not much steering lock. TY mono forks have a bit better action than TY twinshock forks.
Probably need to keep the mono forks with the mono triple clamps to preserve steering geometry. Ty mono forks in TY twinshock clamps will have very little or no trail.
I would think that AG100 fork tubes would be too short, but there are many other bikes that used 30mm tubes apart from 80cc MX bikes. Early to mid 1970s jap trailbikes like the DT125 and DT175 up to D model had 30mm tubes. Suzuki TS125, TM125 and probably lots of Kawasakis too. trouble is all of them are as old as the TY175 and just as likely to be rusty.

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Re: TY175 Fork Repairs

Postby FM350 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:45 pm

Fitting later leading axle forks to bikes which originally had straight axle ones, will result in less trail and should improve the steering. Main advantage with 35mm forks though will be much better suspension action, than OE TY175.

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Re: TY175 Fork Repairs

Postby cemoto2 » Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:22 pm

I went down to the wreckers and found some forks from a TT-125, they were 10mm longer, I used the internals of these and made a spacer 40mm longer than the one in the Ty forks they seem to feel about the same as the TY forks, just need to get the bike together to see how they go.

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