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3 Trials Bikes stolen - Frankston Vic

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:09 pm
by Stanm
Hi I am posting this for Rocky Egan

He had his Gas Gas a TY250 and TY175 stolen from the Frankston area in Victoria a few weeks ago.
Please keep a look out for:
A 2008 Gas Gas 250 TXT trials bike . It is the red & black model with a Black frame. It Still had its speedo installed at the time it was stolen. Gas Gas Details Frame # VTRGG2502J0970118, Engine # GG250707097047

TY250 -No engine or frame Numbers available - It was not a TY250a .But the tank was painted like one. It had a brush painted yellow and white tank and had an odd rear mudguard.

TY175 also no Engine or Frame Numbers. But it had a white Frame and tank.

Please let Rocky know on 0429 266033 or email me at

Any news on this would be greatly appreciated