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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:31 pm
by The Hell Team
Stolen from Pacific Park Motorcycle complex Tuesday 17th April (evening)
Some low scrum bag stole a little kids pride and joy, a 2009 Gas Gas BOY 50 from Pacific Park, South Maroota, NSW.
They also stole an ECHO 20 inch SL Trials pushbike.
And a 450 Yamaha Enduro bike.
The Gas Gas BOY 50 was a 2009 model, so red frame and predominantly white guards. it had some pink and black Tripp Industries stickers on it (probably removed by now)! Photo below.
ECHO trials pushy was like photo below.
If you are offered one of these bikes, or see one for sale anywhere please contact Windsor Police Station, Dave Marchant at Pacific Park 02.4579.0024, Paul Arnott at The Hell Team 0418.415.129, or Jack's Mum at Willpower tyres 02.9773.1113, 0416 208 156,

There is very very few BOY50's around for sale. please let us know and get the little fella back riding!

Thanks for your help.